woensdag 8 april 2015

Inspired by Inspira

Inspira stationery is a premium brand from the beautiful country of Indonesia. Many beautiful things come from Indonesia but I must admit that until I found Inspira I had no idea beautiful stationery was one of them.Their design is Italian.

The Inspira company is located in East Java and falls under Tjiwi Kimia which has been producing paper products since it was established in 1972.  Their paper manufacturing encompasses a wide variety of paper and stationery products, such as fine paper which their notebooks are made of, paper useful for the office, such as photocopy paper, envelopes and exercise books and gift wrapping paper. The variety is astounding. In addition, they also focus on sustainability regarding the environment but also regarding their community and that alone would make Inspira stationery an inspiration.  You can find more on their sustainability on the following link: www.asiapulppaper.com/sustainability

Their stationery is highly inspiring with various designs and colors. They have notebooks, diaries, agendas, and recycled natural looking products. I am interested in all of them and for this article I focused on their notebooks. They have notebooks that come in different sizes, such as A5 and A6. Some of the notebooks have excellent quotes on them. I have three notebooks from Inspira and all three of them are in the A5 size and have the finest paper for writing. 

Two of the notebooks I have are from the ‘Botanical’ line which has flowery and somewhat artistic designs on them. One is a spiral notebook with a fresh nature green color and violet. When you open the notebook, there is a cute drawing on the inside as well which gives a happy tone to the notebook. The paper is of a very good quality and when I wrote on it with my green pen it did not show any bleedthrough. It stimulates to keep writing. It comes with a ribbon which keeps the notebook together and which makes it also easy to stick in some loose papers or notes. There are 70 sheets of paper in this spiral notebook. I found that this notebook serves a very good purpose of taking study notes, for instance, writing facts, which as you can see I did about Inspira itself.

The other notebook is a hardbound one with a light green color and orange, in a cute flowery design. The edges of the notebook are rounded and there is more paper than in the spiral one. Since this notebook has more pages (96), it can also serve as a study book for university for one of your favorite topics. For me, personally, it will be used for personal journalling because of the intimate feel of it. The paper quality and feel is the same as that of the spiral notebook which is in one word: quality. This notebook also comes with a ribbon. 

The third notebook has a recycled look when it comes to design. The outside cover is brown but with very thin black lines on it. Also, the cover is very soft, it bends practically when you need it but keeps the notebook perfectly together. One of the novelties of this notebook is that exactly in the middle there is a pocket divider in which you can put whatever small piece of paper you want. That is why I think this would make a great travel journal. You can save your receipts, small scraps of newspaper articles or whatever you want from your trip. Because the notebook is flexible due to the soft cover, you can also glue things in this notebook without being afraid the notebook won’t take it. The cover lends itself to want to doodle and create on it. The paper has good quality, with lines that are a bit darker distinguished than the other two. This notebook has 64 pages.

All of them lend themselves for different writing tools as well, whether it is fountain pen, fineliner or a gelpen. No matter how beautiful I find these notebooks, their surprising thing is first and foremost the paper quality. The quality of the paper is so incredibly fine. In all three of the notebooks, I wrote without any effort and the strange thing is that when you write as if things flow, you do get inspired. You can find more information about Inspira stationery on http://www.inspira-stationery.com/.

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