woensdag 1 april 2015

Pilot pens made me a Piloteer!

When one is a stationery fan, one is definitely a fan of pens. What is it about pens that make you want to own each and single one of them and every time you are in a stationery store, you seem to want to buy them by the dozen? These days I think it might be even the design of some pens next to the fact that they write as if you dance on the paper.

One of the basic things a pen should do is simply write. Personally, I love it when pens glide over the paper without any resistance. That is why I love the Pilot pens so much. Pilot pens are definitely happy writing! In fact, I came to love them so much that I name myself a Piloteer from now on, I don’t know if this word exists but I am sure to introduce it to my readers.
A few of the Frixion Family
Pilot pens are supercool and write supersmooth. They have several series of rollerpens that are incredibly practical and a joy to write with. For instance, they have the Frixion rollerball ‘family’ which is a wonderful family (believe me when I say you want them all together). First of all, the pens are amazing to look at, they come in vibrant colors, such as red, green, pink, turqoise and the more classic ones like black. When you write, the ink comes out even which is not always the case with rollerpens. The grip of these pens is genuinely perfect. You don’t have to wriggle your fingers to find the right grip, the pen seems to automatically adjust to your hand. 
More of the Frixion Family
In addition, there is something very special about the Frixion pens. They are magic! You can remove them by friction. Yes, you read it right, the ink can be removed. On the bottom of the pen there is a lighter tip and when you move that in motion on what you wrote, the ink will disappear. I tested it out and I was amazed by this technology. Also, when you carefully hold the text written with Frixioon above a candle, the ink will also disappear. Don’t worry if you need to recapture your written words back because all you need to do is put the text in the freezer (-15 degrees Celsius) and voilĂ , your words are back in business. With the Frixion pens of pilot, you are sure to create magic in your life.

Frixion also has markers and they come in fun colors. I love the pink one which I use to either highlight certain words or doodle with it, like I did on my mindmap that you can see in one of the pictures below.
Frixion highlighter
Pilot pens have another ‘family’ of pens which are environmentally friendly. They are called the B2P family because they are made from plastic bottles and recycled into pens. I thought this was a great idea. You would expect the plastic of the pen not to be so solid but it is. The pen actually has a very nice hold and grip, the surface is velvety and the pen writes like velvet itself as well. They serve me very well in my notetaking and jotting things down. One striking feature is that you can use this pen to write down very small words as well. I use a small notebook for additional notes and sometimes I need to write in really small letters and not every pen has the tip for it, the B2P pen has this.  
B2P in blue and red
I use the Pilot pens for all kinds of writing. This time I used them for mindmapping and taking notes on personal studies to understand more about the different views in the world. All of the Pilot pens are splendid for notetaking. But I was surprised how well they are also equipped to draw. Maybe it is the even amount of ink when you use it but it made me want to write and doodle with it. This is also a good sign, because it means the pens bring out the creativity in you. 

Pilot pens used for the mindmap
Pilot pens used for detailed notetaking
Pilot pens are more than basic necessities and I love it that they come in many colors. The writing experience is phenomenal, and when you look on their website, you will be amazed about the varieties of pens they have. I want to try the other families of Pilot too and create my own family of Pilot pens. Check out their website on www.pilotpen.com and see if you will become a Piloteer, too.

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