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Magnificent Miquelrius

Miquelrius  is a brand from Barcelona (Spain) and if you are looking for stationery, whether  for university, school or the office, Miquelrius is the brand. Miquelrius goes back to 1839 and they are a family organization. My experience with stationery is that the family organizations know best, especially the ones who are older than a century. Miquelrius has a myriad of products for school and university but also for the office and other professional areas. 

Whoever has tried Miquelrius products will know the quality of the paper, and that is not a surprise. The paper is from a very high quality which is ISO 9001 certified. Such quality was not destined to be only limited to Spain and today Miquelrius products are being distrubuted to more than 60 countries. 

Under the Miquelrius brand a few other brands are collected: Jordi LaBanda, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Kukuxumusu, Cosas Mínímas, Britto, Justice League, Marc Márquez and Bultaco. I don’t know all of their products from experience, but from what I saw on their website they are so colorful and lively. Their school planners are cute and practical. While looking on their website, I noticed also that the brand Justice League is more for male students because of their either more neutral colors or neutral design while Agatha Ruiz de la Prada is more for female students who like colors and a striking design. You could say there is a design for whomever.

Since I want to help you getting the best results in school and university through the use of writing and making notes, I focused on the notebooks of Miquelrius. In general, the first thing that strikes me about notebooks is how they look and Miqulrius products look cute and beautiful. On the outside they don’t look like typical school notebooks, they simply look too nice for it. On the inside, the paper is indeed of a very good quality. The paper is quite extraordinary, and is unlike something I have reviewed so far. It feels thick but at the same time soft like a tissue. This might be from the fact that it is made from recycled paper. All the four notebooks I have from Miquelrius have this same touch and feel. Surprisingly, the paper is not dull grey which you sometimes see with recycled paper but still bright white.


The spiral eco notebook is very nice and the size is very practical for school or the office. Not only is it very helpful in notetaking in class or during meetings, it has tiny, almost invisibly small perforations in its pages so you can tear the page off if needed. Beginning writers who cannot stand mistakes or wrong sentences in their notebooks will have a blast with it. Also, language students or anyone endeavouring to study a language can use the notebook as a great vocabulary container. On the left of the spiral notebook you can write down the verbs and on the right side you can select a verb with the complete conjugation. I started doing that and I already notice it is helpful. At times you need a quick reference, you tear the page off and take it with you wherever you go to help you remember it.

There is also a notebook which I call a giant notebook, it is huge. This notebook can cover extensive notetaking and from different projects or subjects at the same time. Again, the paper quality is a very important feature of it. It is ruled and invites you to keep writing your sentences and summaries in it. It is also great for mindmapping or having an overview of your tasks and projects because of its size. 

Another notebook that I enjoyed was the blue notebook. I cannot describe the color of the notebook which is lighter than navy blue and has a shiny touch to its blue. At first sight you would compare it to a Moleskine but this Miquelrius notebooks has its own character. Personally, I think this notebook is too beautiful to just use it for notes. I would use it for ‘soul searching’ and writing down my deepest thoughts and reflections on life and love. This is a notebook you want to keep for the rest of your life and go back to in a few years or a few decades to see what you were thinking at the time. 

All-in all the Miquelrius family makes me very happy and I enjoyed every bit of the four products I have. For more information, you can browse their website at www.miquelrius.com. Just looking at their website with their products makes you want to have all of their products. Whatever you choose, I hope they will help you have success in your life and reach the goals you have set for yourself.

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