zondag 27 september 2015

Pentel gold with a silver lining

As a huge fan of Pentel, I cannot wait to find and try new pens from them. I have written already about the gelpens of Pentel which are very smooth and whose colors brighten your day. The writing experience of Pentel is very comfortable. Because of the smoothness and the way the pens flow on paper, you will definitely get moved to let your thoughts flow on paper like their ink. Pentel has more pens in their range and recently I was introduced to their gold and silver pens.

 The gold and silver pens have a design that reminds a little bit of blackboard markers from the outside. The pens with the thicker tips also look like the tip of blackboard markers shapewise. Before use, the tips are always white. In order to use it for the first time, shake the pen really really well, then press the tip unto the paper with force. If you don’t shake the pen really well, the ink won’t flow to the tip of the pen. Don’t be afraid that you will destroy the tip when you press it, the tip is sturdy enough and is made for it. Once you pressed the tip with sufficient force, the ink will flow from the inside to the tip and then you can use it for whatever you want with it. Once the ink flows through the tip, you don’t have to shake it again. The first time I saw the gold ink I thought: “This is what liquid gold must look like.” I tried the silver pen and I had the incredible sensation that these were the tears of the moon. You become poetic when you use the pens of Pentel. 

Both pens are very useful for whatever it is you want to decorate, from decorating cards, for scrapbooking, for labelling and more. You can use them for whatever. I used both colors in three different sizes of pens (from very thin tips to thick tips to color in larger spaces) to decorate a journal with a logo for my boyfriend that I designed myself. 

The ink of these pens is thick enough to cover a black surface so  black does not show through. You can use the pens to write as well since they come in different tip sizes. The tips in the thin size are perfect for writing, you can write meticulously wit hit or make very tiny decorations, The pens with thick tips are ideal for  coloring larger surfaces.

 You can even color with these gold and silver markers in designs. 

These gold and silver markers are perfect for the festive season. I know that I will write and decorate my Christmas cards with these pens. The colors are also elegant for thank you cards, birthday cards and even making your own cards.The possibilities are endless.

Even though these colors are not the typical bright gel pen colors, they are as beautiful and very nice to look at. I cannot wait for the festive season to start so I can bring these gold colors with silver linings into the lives of others. I hope you will get as excited about them as I am.

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