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Brilliant Bruynzeel/Sakura

Brilliant Bruynzeel/Sakura

Bruynzeel is a Dutch stationery company that produces coloring pencils, aquarel pencils, fountain pens, ink cartridges, among others and works together with Sakura. Sakura is a Japanese stationery organization and the Pigma Micron is a beautiful brand in their assortment. The combination of the two makes for brilliant stationery. And brilliant stationery means happiness!

As long as I can remember stationery, I can remember the coloring pencils of Bruynzeel. It seemed no other brand existed, my world revolved around these  coloring pencils. I owned a few boxes of coloring pencils and used them with great pleasure. Then for a long time I forgot about Bruynzeel and coloring pencils in general because drawing seemed to be part of one’s childhood. It seemed coloring and drawing activities was for children. Luckily, we know now that that is not the case. In fact, research has shown that drawing  and coloring is a great way of expanding and training your mind and getting out of your comfort zone, no matter in what profession you are. Limiting ourselves to thoughts what adults should do and be regarding stationery does make adults less creative and less colorful. Luckily, Bruynzeel/Sakura gets this message and spreads it around. Their products are for everybody.

Recently, I rediscovered Bruynzeel/Sakura and I am in heaven. I don’t know where to start with the variety of items they have which make anybody, not only art lovers or stationery lovers go wild with excitement. In the next weeks I will be reviewing some of their items that I think are wonderful.

I will start this review with the Pigma Micron. This is one of the most versatile pens I have come across. The uses for it are endless. First of all, you can write with it and the writing experience is smooth and comfortable. The ink of the Pigma Micron is fluid and stimulates you to write and yet the ink dries immediately so you don’t have to worry about making a mess. You can use it for any kind of lettering and making your own calligraphy. The color of the pen is covering sufficiently, with this I mean that the ink is not light so you can see patches of the paper you are using with the pen. The smoothness of the pen is what you demand in any pen which makes this pen highly qualitative. 

There are many more uses for this pen and what I was amazed about is how practical and magical it is for illustrating.

The experience of it feels as if it asks you to make illustrations and doodles and zentangles. The different nib sizes of the Pigma Micron come in seven available width sizes which make it perfect for different kind of drawings and illustrations. I used the sizes of 0.1 mm, 0.3mm and 0.5 mm. Personally, I was amazed about the flow of the pen which are perfect for Zentangles. No matter what size I used for drawing Zentangles, it felt like the Zentangles were coming out of the pen automatically, as if there was a direct link between the pen and your mind. The following Zentangles came to me immediately after using the pen. They are now part of my portfolio.

The possibilities of the Pigma Micron pen are endless, also for creating Zentangles. Bruynzeel/Sakura dedicate part of their website to Zentangles. Take a look for some serious inspiration at 

The website is an inspiration in itself and so are the Zentangles. The benefits of making these Zentangles are huge. To me they are not only inspiring and enjoyable to make but relaxing and calming at the same time.  

I still cannot believe how versatile the Pigma Micron is and how versatile you and your writing and drawings will be with it. Now that I rediscovered Bruynzeel/Sakura and discovered the Pigma Micron pen, I will not only forget it but make it a regular item in my pen assortment.

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