vrijdag 8 april 2016

The special pencil of Pentel

Pentel is a Japanese stationery organization that has many types and varieties of pens. Last year I started reviewing them because there are still many people out there who have not tried any of the Pentel pens. Yet they are such happy-making brand with delightful pens. I love them and the organization. I was familiar with the gelpens and art products of Pentel but not with the mechanical pencils. In general, I have given little attention to mechanical pencils in my blog.


In the past I used a lot of mechanical pencils, especially in high school, but for some reason I stopped using them. I still own a few of them but haven’t used them in years, some even more than a decade. From that time on a lot has changed, and technology has entered our lives. The world of the mechanical pencil has not stood still either. Also there the highest technology has entered. Pentel introduced the ORENZ mechanical pencil with a 0.2 mm! diameter lead that does not break during use. Everyone who has ever written with a mechanical pencil knows that it is very frustrating when the point breaks. It happened to me when I was in high school, practicing for exams. In fact, I think that is the reason why I stopped using them because I would write a few sentences and the tip would break, causing me to be distracted. So when I saw Pentel having their ORENZ mechanical pencil that would not break during the use of it, I had to give it a try.

I am very happy that I tried it! The pencils look more like pens when the tip is inside the pen. Not only are these mechanical pencils very comfortable in your hand when you use them, they also come in the most beautiful colors. And the best part of it, they deliver what they promise. I use my pens and pencils mostly for writing so I tried them for my writing and it was heaven! The tip of the mechanical pencil is so strong, I had the feeling I was writing with steel that leaves a mark like a pencil. At the same time, when you touch the tip, you can feel it is still a pencil tip.

When I tried to draw with them, the feeling is even better. And still, the tip did not break during use. This mechanical pencil is even perfect for those professionals that use mechanical pencils as a standard, such as architects and industrial designers, and other professionals who need to draw and make graphic sketches for their work. There is a promo film about this mechanical pencil and it is very artistic. You can check it out here http://pentel-orenz.com/ . It is entertaining and it shows what is possible with this mechanical pencil. Check out the mechanical pencil for yourself!


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