vrijdag 15 april 2016

Colour yourself happy with Bruynzeel/Sakura

Recently, I wrote about Bruynzeel/Sakura. I reviewed their Pigma Micron Pens which are ideal for writing and drawing, doodling, sketching and Zentangling. In my post I briefly mentioned the colouring pencils that I used to draw and color with when I was younger. It did not take long for me to try the Bruynzeel colouring pencils and their watercolour pencils and I was delighted. What a happy bunch of colours!

Firstly, when I opened up the boxes of the colouring and the watercolouring pencils, each containing 24 pencils, the beauty of the rainbow of colours struck me. Each colour has its own charm. Really bright and overjoyous colors, exactly what you need when you want to color. For a second I thought it would be a shame to use them, I just wanted to look at them in a pristine shape and keep them as precious as they are. Secondly, holding the pencils in my hand I noticed that compared to many years ago, the weight of the pencils is lighter. This makes it easier to draw and makes your hand less tired. Thirdly, the pencils are made from wood and this you can definitely tell. You get an authentic feel from it. But the best part is the drawing and colouring experience. The colors are fantastic! On the first evening I started drawing with them, I drew about 7 pages of drawings. 

These are all my own drawings.

When I started drawing and colouring with the pencils, I noticed how fine the colours materialized on the paper. My first drawing was a purple drawing of a somewhat mystical figure. It almost came automatically out of my pencil. With the Bruynzeel pencils the colouring of the paper is very smooth because of the light weight of the coloring pencil and the quality of the inside. You can make different shades in any way you want it: the more you colour it in the darker the background become and/or the harder you press, the darker it becomes. I also noticed the colours can be blended easily with each other. Since I had 24 colors and I knew there could be shades of a certain colour, I tried creating a darker or a lighter shade in a drawing and that worked very well.

Flowers are one of the most grateful subjects to draw and my drawings became lovely with the colours, if I may say so myself. Furthermore, I decided to make a series of drawings of a woman’s face with curly hair that is inspired by curlz/zentangle doodles that I came up with when I used the Pigma Micron pens.


My box with watercolour pencils is similar to the regular colouring pencils. If you look closely to the colours, they differ somewhat and you can perfectly use them in combination. For instance, I found the colours orange and pink from both boxes subtly different shades of each other and the mixed very well. Just drawing and colouring with the watercolour pencils is as nice as always but the excitement of the watercolour pencils are of course the part where you put the water on it. Try them yourself and let the colours make you happy!

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