vrijdag 19 juni 2015

Pentastic Pentel

How is it possible that stationery can brighten your day? Is that why I love stationery as much as I do? And how is it possible that pens have this special characteristic that no matter how you feel and what you do, they can actually make you feel much better. If you just take up a pen in your hand creative juices start flowing and your hand moves automatically. Your letter, article, work of art or other creation become reality.

More and more is being written about the positive effects of writing with pen and paper in comparison to only writing on the computer. For example, because of the hand-eye coordination it is more beneficial to retain information and remember what has been written better with pen or pencil in hand. See this article for more details: http://blog.paperblanks.com/2015/06/writing-wednesday-5-surprising-scientific-benefits-of-using-paper-over-screens/
I don’t need any excuse to buy pens and pencils but it is good to know that it is actually good to write by hand. I am always on the lookout for nice pens that have nice colors and a great writing experience.

Currently, my new best friends forever are the pens from Pentel. Pentel Co., Ltd. is Japanese company that manufactures stationery and they have a wonderful pen line. The name consists of the word ‘pen’ and “tell”, as in telling a story so you can tell a story with your pen. They  have a wide range of pens but also lines for artistic activities. Only looking at those gorgeous artistic lines of Pentel makes you want to be more creative and create. I especially like their gel pen line which is magnificent. In general, I am a big fan of gel pens and the writing experience with gel pens can very smooth which can be a stimulant for your creativity and your productivity. The energel line of Pentel is truly pentastic! I cannot get over the colors of these gel pens that are bright, fun and lovely. 

The writing comfort of Pentel pens is from a very high level.  One of the things that a writer,  artist or student desires during the writing process is smooth writing so the pace of writing can keep up with the pace of thinking. A pen has to glide smoothly on paper. Pentel can keep up with my thoughts and its smoothness is facilitating.  As an avid journal writer who writes with different pens and different colors in one and the same journal, I am very lucky to have discovered Pentel.  Their gelpens are absolutely fabulous and I seem not to get enough of its colors. I tried 8 of the gelpens in different colors. They have classic colors, such as, black, blue, green and red which are very practical in schoolwork and studies but also in the office. I adore the turqoise/light blue, pink, purple and orange colors, they are like rays of sun on your paper. The writing comfort gives you the idea you can fill up your journals quickly or finish your essay in no time if you write it by hand. I use the color gel pens for emphasizing certain thoughts. In diaries and planners you can use these for color coding. When I make summaries of books, I use a different color for each chapter and different colors for interesting words or special definitions.  

 The gel pens just glide over the paper.

The oil pastels are a magnificent tool for artistic endeavours,  whether you start from scratch or have created before. The drawing you see on the picture is one I made the moment I opened up the box with the pastels.  I try to make art since I was very small and used various brands over the years. What I look for in oil pastels are bright colors and smoothness as well. The colors are something to fall in love with, especially the orange, yellow and red ones because they convey the brightness that I love.  Furthermore, there is no resistance on paper so with one stroke you have the right line or shape on paper. I think my cute piece of art shows the brightness and smoothness of the oil pastels.

All of the Pentel pens are nice to look at and they are fine gadgets to me. The additional products, such as the artistic supplies help you with your creativity. I am glad to have discovered Pentel as a brand and I have incorporated its products in my personal development,  artistic and professional routine. I hope Pentel sparks your creativity and writing the way it does for me.

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