donderdag 12 maart 2015

Archie Grand: Notebooks I Met and Liked

Scandinavia is famous for many things but amongst others also the many forests and trees that grow on its soil. There are many uses for the wood that comes from these forests, such as matchsticks (Sweden can even boast of a match stick company). Another product that can be derived from trees and wood is paper. It is no wonder that Scandinavia is home to a notorious producer of notebooks, cards, candles and tea towels called Archie Grand. They have the cutest notebooks with the most amazing colors that possess a high quality.  
Archie Grand’s collection is extensive and the colors of their collection match the colors of the rainbow: from the brightest yellow to the deepest black and the freshest blue to the sweetest pink. The notebooks come in different sizes as well. They have the practical smaller ones which are very handy to bring with you anywhere you go and are sure to draw attention. The notebooks don’t have sharp corners but are rather rounded so the corners don’t get bent. They fit in bags easily and are quite strong, they are not easily damaged. The biggest ones are perfect for the bigger creative picture. It can be used for big sketches and outlines and the paper is of such great quality that these big pages can be used for different kinds of paint as well; from water colors to oil based. All of them can serve as a great memento or as a tool to measure progress of projects. 
The notebooks all are pristine white on the inside. It has the softest paper I have ever seen which is why the paper can withstand different tools such as pencils, pen, felt pens and fountain pens and paints. These tools just glide over the paper. The covers of the notebooks all hold sentences that spark creativity as if they were journal prompts: “Artists I met and liked” or “Bloggers I met and liked” and “Jetsetters I met and liked”. With these lines one never has to fear one is out of inspiration. 
When I first encountered the website of Archie Grand I was exhilarated because it screamed creativity and artistry from every angle. Just browsing on their website makes you feel creative and eager to express oneself by drawing, writing, doodling, sketching, creating or whatever. Creativity is their keyword and they are truly inspirational. Their notebooks are designed in such a way that it is not only hard to resist them but it is also hard to resist not to write or draw anything in them. Immediately when I started using the Archie Grand notebook, I was getting out of my comfort zone and pushed myself to think out of the box. I realized that is what this notorious organization intends us to do.  
Archie Grand’s website is All of their products are available through their website. 

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