donderdag 12 maart 2015

Fabio Ricci: Fabulous Writing

Fabio Ricci is an organization that creates unique journals and notebooks. The organization exists since 1950 and is a testament of durability and craftmanship. Originally, the brand was created for producing agendas for high-class businessmen and businesswomen. However, the brand has evolved into a more durable brand where high-class still plays a role but where diversity also plays a role. Their collection is broadened with journals and notebooks.

Fabio Ricci is produced in Istanbul and the well-known and revered Turkish handicraft and eye for detail shape the products. Their collection is fabulous and can be described as pure eye candy. Each and every item is not only original but the quality is visible. The paper of their journals have a hint of a creamy color which gives it a nostalgic look and feel. The paper has a soft and smooth touch which makes it perfect for not only writing but also sketching with pencils and even drawing with felt pens and markers. The journals come with a folder in the back so loose papers and other items that need to be saved with the journal can easily be saved. Most of their journals and notebooks have an elastic band which is very handy for using them as record books for notes for work or projects.
Their notebooks and journals come in three different options when it comes to the design of the paper; lined, squared and plain. The Fabio Ricci collection has special editions with beautiful designs. There are colors but black, white and red are very present. The black versions look very classy and serious. Those are perfect for use in the office and meetings with top of the bill people. All of their products share the fact that they have 160 pages of paper and a luxurious hardcover that keeps them durable so you can enjoy it for a long time.
 “Cities in Lines” is a highly inspiring and out of the ordinary collection.  Istanbul is featured prominently as the city and it comes back in the various notebooks and journals. On some images of a nostalgic Istanbul are featured with a view on the Bosphorus. On others a typical street view of Istanbul is featured, the Topkapi Palace or the Venetian-inspired Galata Tower. The cute thing about these notebooks and journals is that although the paper is lined, it has an interesting twist to it because the outline of the Galata Tower is pictured inside. That is definitely for those who do not move in a straight line! 

With the notebooks and journals of Fabio Ricci one is destined to attract attention. On several occasions where I had taken my Fabio Ricci journals I encountered interesting conversations because of them. One of the journals I used as a travel journal and while I was sketching and writing in it a couple started to have a conversation with me about what I was doing and how beautiful my notebook looked. The beauty had everything to do with the design of Fabio Ricci and nothing with my sketching and writing.  
The Fabio Ricci notebooks and journals can be used for business and projects but I love to use them for personal satisfaction because they are so beautiful and special. One of them is used to record my life’s lessons.
On their website you can find and marvel at all their beautiful and stylish products. 

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