donderdag 12 maart 2015

There it is: The Eccolo World Traveller

By chance I stumbled upon the website of a company that produces beautiful notebooks and journals: Eccolo. The origins of the name is Italian. It means something like “there it is” and there is really something about Eccolo. It is no wonder that the roots of the company lie in Florence, Italy where they still have an office because the city of Florence is  a cultural, industrial, artistic and scientific centre that bustles with activity which makes it an ideal place for a company like this one. It has been in existence for about 12 years now but I had never heard of it before. It was a great find for me to get acquainted with this organization.

Their notebooks and journals can be used for a myriad of things and activities. Creativity is never about boundaries or about being bound to one thing. That is why it can start anywhere or from anywhere. Research and personal experiences, my own and that of others, show that creativity can be captured in notebooks and journals or can even be stimulated because of the act of writing or sketching or whatever it is that we do in them.

Their website is a sight for sore eyes. The most beautiful journals and notebooks are on display. They have funny journals like the one which is called Therapy Notes which is imprinted with catchy phrases. Their  passport journals are something of a keepsake. They have a lot of specialty books such as address books, wine journals and guest books. And their Great Minds notebooks features writers and artists such as Somerset Maugham and Marc Chagall. All these journals and notebooks are a perfect way to keep track of personal development. 
Eccolo sells their journals throughout the USA and Canada at stores such as Staples, Office Depot and Barnes & Noble. 

The notebook that I will review here is the World Traveler notebook which is from the Essential collection, a popular every day journal collection. One doesn’t have to be a world traveler or even a traveler, an armchair traveler might suffice, and write down dreams and fantasies about travelling. I love its pink/purple color but they have other fresh colors as well such as a specific kind of blue and green. The feel of the journal is one of its best features, it resembles fine leather, it is very soft to the touch and surprisingly flexible. This flexibility makes it ideal for every day but also for travelling. Writing while travelling, especially when one is bent over or does not have the usual table as foundation but maybe a backpack makes this journal perfect for on the go. Its paper is very smooth. 

All the raw materials that are used for the Eccolo products are European and from a very high quality.

There is something for everyone in their collection. Some of the notebooks are rather chic and classy, some others are more fun-oriented. I am glad I stumbled upon Eccolo and know that they have these amazing collections and product lines. The writer in me has been rekindled and while I won’t go on a world travel, I know I will go dreaming about it and write these dreams down in my World Traveler.

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