donderdag 12 maart 2015

Rite in the Rain: Right Everywhere

One never knows when inspiration strikes. Pablo Picasso said it best: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.” So writers, creators, thinkers, artists, innovators and scientists in all fields go out into their fields and do what they do best. Some of them start scribbling notes to start up the writing process. The work method of scientists is usually more meticulous and very analytical and they start with an outline and a list before they actually start. And artists and creators are more organic and just carry their tools such as notepads and pens everywhere with them for when that flash of insight strikes them like lightning while they try to come up with the best ideas. They seem to be able to work from everywhere.
Rite in the Rain has a diverse and very useful collection for all those who require thinking and writing in their jobs which in my opinion is just about anybody and who are mobile and/or a lot outdoors. The name of Rite in the Rain is very well chosen because it solves the problem of working in the field and especially under rainy weather. Any biologist, geologist, geographer or outdoor poet will agree that rain, extreme weather or even other wet weather can ruin notes. Those notes might be the foundation to a research, novel or solution to a pressing problem so they are valuable.
Rite in the Rain is built for extreme weather and related circumstances. All of their notebooks have a cover that is sturdy, flexible and (water-)resistant, even under humid circumstances. The paper of the notebooks and notepads is of a strong quality. It is not easy to crumble the paper so the notebooks stay in good shape. Other notebooks of theirs are like diaries and have an even stronger cover and will survive just about anything. They have accompanying pens for the paper that are a good match.
What I liked most about the Rite in the Rain collection is its versatility. I use different notepads for different projects. I use the small spiral yellow notebook with important data that I can bring with me everywhere and in which I write down phone numbers or addresses. The other notebooks I use for writing down thoughts, ideas that I can use later on for work and private projects. The bound books are perfect for writing down my story ideas and the larger ones are ideal for my work and projects.

What is striking about the collection of Rite in the Rain is first of all the fresh yellow and green colors that are reminiscent of being outdoors and out into nature. The green notepads have greenish hints which makes it a very fun notebook to use. Their notebooks that are like diaries are helpful in keeping track of progression and act as more than a testament for later.
Rite in the Rain is an American company. Take a look at their website at for their great and diverse collection. On the website you can find the details on how and where to order. 

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