woensdag 25 maart 2015

Impress with Nomess

Nomess Copenhagen is a brand name founded in 2007 by Suzanne Potts. She created all kinds of items that were very helpful in organising your house, your office, your study room and everything else regarding living. Her products possess simplicity but with an aesthetic indulgence. It is wonderful how form and function have been married in the items of Nomess Copenhagen. The items consist of a versatile array ranging from storage, furniture, workspace, bath and travel. This brand from Denmark not only has quality but also has a specific design that fascinates because of its aesthetics. For Suzanne Potts the goal of the designs is to make everyday life easier. The designs make everyday life especially more beautiful.

There is definitely a nordic element to the designs of Nomess Copenhagen: the minimalism and the functionality. Everything is there in the designs of Nomess Copenhagen but there is not an overindulgence in forms and that is what makes it so characteristic and yet cute at the same time. Organising becomes something you want to dedicate your time to with the items. On the website of Nomess Copenhagen (www.nomess.dk) I became intrigued by the unique designs regarding the boxes and storage items. There are even make-up boxes that make you wonder how you ever stored your make-up without these. The boxes are meant to store precious items but they look like precious items themselves. Of course, I became curious for their stationery range and once I tried out their versatile notebooks, colorful pencils and fluorescent highlighters I was exhilarated!

 The notebooks of Nomess Copenhagen are called ‘studybooks’ and they come  in various sizes, forms and colors. The inside of the notebooks are either lined, dotted or with a grid. I had to see them for myself and I have become a huge fan. Since the notebooks come in various sizes (small, medium and large), taking notes has become exciting and you can organize different notes in different notebooks. There are small notebooks that can be used as a bullet journal or simply to jot down things not to forget. They are small enough to put in your pocket or bag and take with you anywhere.  The medium ones also would fit in most bags and backpacks. The bigger ones are ideal for storing a lot of notes, studying and keeping it as a reference journal. For instance, I am going to use the large ones for background notes on my languages studies and overall notes. They fit in nicely in my bookcases with my books. I noticed the grid ones are not only perfect for creating graphs but also for drawing complex geometrical shapes and designs, since the grids contain very small details.

Inside each notebook there is a box on the first page where you can write down your name, and/or the subject and the date This comes in very handy for organizing your notes, you can organize your notebooks chronologically and you will quickly know what your notebook is all about.

The quality of the paper is astounding. The paper feels soft and smooth but is quite thick which makes the paper perfect for fountain pens, you don’t have to worry about feathering. Pens and pencils love the pages and they have a light, almost white creamy color to it.

Nomess Copenhagen also has pencils and highlighters which are gorgeous and very practical at the same time. I tried the yellow, blue and pink highlighters and they are very smooth and very fluorescent; just the way I like it because a highlighter that does not highlight does not serve its purpose. The colors seem to jump off the page and words, sentences or concepts you want to highlight in your notebooks will instantly draw your attention. The pencils of Nomess Copenhagen come in exciting cover colors such as neon pink and neon orange. Their writing is also very smooth. The pencil tip glided on the page without any resistance and this will speed up notetaking during lectures. I also noticed the pencils can be used for drawing and other artistic endeavours. 

I never encountered stationery from Denmark before and I am very happy to have tried Nomess Copenhagen as my first one. Now that I found it, it will become part of my standard stationery inventory. Notebooks and ‘studybooks’ are part of my personal instruments in my personal development and creativity and I am very happy to have found a brand that is not only functional but has aesthetics to go with it as well. I hope Nomess Copenhagen will impress you as well. You can find more information on their website: www.nomess.dk

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