donderdag 12 maart 2015

Wonderful Whitelines

As an explorer and searcher for creativity and inspiration I came upon the gem called Whitelines one day. Whitelines is a brand from Sweden based in Stockholm and founded by Olof Hansson, a young man who had idea generation as a hobby. When he was photocopying  some papers, he got annoyed with the black lines that were copied together with it and distracted. As an idea generator, one thing led to another and he came up with the brilliant yet unbelievably simple idea of creating white lines on slightly colored paper. The result? Whitelines. Its family? Whitelines notebooks in all varieties. Stapled. Glued. Wired. Diaries. Organizers. Flipovers. Anything you would need for your creativity or for the office. 
The Whitelines products are wonderful. Its paper is smooth as velvet when you trace your finger over its paper. One does not have the usual problems with feathering when you write with a fountain pen. Surprisingly, with ballpoints the writing experience is also smooth so you don’t have to worry that you are slow or stopped in your flow while writing. 
The small notebooks are very practical, they fit into bags and purses and are easy to carry with you everywhere. You don’t have to worry that you will forget that great idea that came to you on the bus or while having a drink with friends. You can immediately write down ideas that strike you or make a few quick sketches. There are bigger notebooks which are even great to use at the office. Now you can never say you are uninspired at the office. Not only do they have lines in their notebooks but they come in grids as well. Grids are perfect to use for drawing and sketching. In addition, I use grids for definitions and explanation of words or concepts.  
The website of Whitelines is and it pays off to browse through their website.  You will find snippets of their world view which give you the motivation to exercise anything you have. Their line “You entered this world as a creative genius.” has become one of my mottos and pushes me forward to keep creating. It is an inspirational and fun website that will explain also a bit more about the white lines that are patented. There is actually some science behind the Whitelines. It is tested that the Whitelines paper is less tiring for your eyes. It even turns out that there is no visual interference between the lines and the pen colour and therefore everything you put on the paper of Whitelines has your primary focus and attention. Of course, when copying your creative endeavours from Whitelines, you will only copy your creativity which is what Whitelines wants you to focus on. 
The stores of Whitelines can be found on almost every continent. In addition to all the goodness this company has to offer in terms of notebooks and stimulating us, it is a company that takes all possible responsibility for the environment. They are just that wonderful!

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