donderdag 12 maart 2015

Rossi 1931, Timeless Beauty

I am delighted to show some of the stationery of Rossi, an Italian manufacturer of the finest stationery you can imagine. It is well-known that Italy has a long tradition in stationery with outstanding quality and creativity.  There is something about seeing beautiful, masterfully crafted products because surely they will instill some inspiration in you so you will create yourself. Still, I can still be  positively surprised when I find an Italian stationer that is new for me and that takes my breath away.

Such a stationer is Rossi 1931 from Florence (Firenze in Italy) which has impressive products in their product lines. Rossi 1931 is a family owned company founded in the year, you probably guessed it by its name, 1931 by the revered Antonio Rossi who is the grandfather of the current owners Mattia and Taddeo. In the beginning, the fine stationery was only created in the traditional, florentine fashion whose splendour was intensely enjoyed by the American and British communities living in the vicinity of the city of Florence.

Being so near Florence which represents art, beauty, magnificence and cosmopolitan atmospheres, Rossi 1931 transformed itself being influenced by these inspiring and visionary surroundings. The company developed into a mature stationery company and added products such as decorative papers, greetings cards, notebooks, journals, paper gifts items. Each and every one of them as lovely as a flower . Now everybody can enjoy their products that are gifts in themselves. The products are available in Europe, North America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, among others. If you are not sure if you have a retailer near you, they can provide you with information and details to the nearest one.

As a big stationery lover I became an instant fan of the products of Rossi 1931. The notebooks are a dream! I now have one with a fashion cover that is very cute. The best thing about it is the soft paper inside, it has a slight creamy tone which makes it elegant. This is a notebook that makes you want to write about artistic and sophisticated things in life, and start creating yourself, imagine adventures and live a life that inspired artists and creators. This particular notebook is perfect for travelling as well because of the design. I have the lined version which is easy for jotting down your adventures or ideas that spring up in your mind.

The blank notebook has a similar silky feel to the fingers as the lined notebook and is great for both writing and sketching. This notebook would also make for a great travel notebook. One can stick tickets, receipts, menus and photographs in it. They come in different shapes and sizes and can therefore also be used for shorter trips or breaks.

They also have very cute, small notebooks that are adorable. I always carry notebooks with me and I also have smaller ones for words whose definition I want to look up later, or sentences and quotes that I want to remember. I have one with a musical decoration on it that brings a smile to my face. When your notebook brings you the music, you only have to take care of the lyrics.  

Rossi 1931 has more, they have different product lines. For instance, they have an elegant and decorative writing paper collection called The Classica Italiana where your eyes can feast on and they would not get enough of it. Similar to the notebooks, the feel of the writing paper is soft and silky but strong. One can tell that the paper has quality and it is produced with high cotton content.  It goes very well with fountain pens so you don’t have to worry the ink bleeds through. Rossi 1931 uses a special printing process for the manufacturing of their writing paper. The most striking feature of this writing paper is the florentine design and the vibrancy of the colors. I have never seen more beautiful envelopes and even though I will send my friends letters,  I will keep a few blank unwritten ones for my own collection, just so I can take a look at it once in a while. They also have greetings cards for any occasion that will brighten someone’s day, no matter what the occasion is.

Their decorative paper line is delightful. Some of the designs are based on the Florentine Renaissance and others on some more modern concepts. The artistry of the designs inspire you to undertake creative tasks yourself. You can decorate your diary with it, you can do some scrapbooking, you can use it to decorate envelopes, or whatever comes to mind. I will glue them in my notebook where I keep pictures of things that make me happy. 

Rossi 1931 is a stationery manufacturer that makes me happy. One has to surround oneself with beauty and inspiration. The famous diary writer Ana├»s Nin said: “Luxury is not a necessity to me, but beautiful and good things are.” I agree with this quote. To me, Rossi 1931 has become a necessity because of its beauty and the good quality of their products. They make the world a more beautiful place. I cannot wait to try more of their products.

You can read more about Rossi 1931 through this link ( and find more products and information about them here ( I hope you enjoy the products as much as I do.

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